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look what i found from 7th grade. God i'm so awesome.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i like shiny things

so i found this gold chain. i can't remember where; but i love it. i've always been attracted to shiny things...[i even have a shiny box, if you'd believe that]. i think that the coins on it are just random things because i can't find out what they are. so i just started taking pictures with it to show you and i like the way they turned out. the colour of my hair looks cool when it shines with the gold. i can't wait to create an outfit that it goes with, i'll probably use it as a belt with a black dress or something, to make it stand out. we'll see :)


  1. WEAR IT! :D
    that's cool1
    btw whatd you get on the euro test?


  2. :D i have a gold chain too that goes perfectly with a black dress...it gives it a modern and yet an antique feel.

    chill blog.

    checkk mine out @: